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Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World

“By nature, the essence of our mind is total peace. Therefore, we can find true peace of mind through meditation.”

Meditation can help us discover joy in every moment, find lasting contentment that is not subject to the world around us, and nurture the qualities of wisdom and compassion that naturally manifest from awareness itself.

Transform Your Life by Training Your Mind

View, Meditation, and Application are the foundation for bringing awareness and understanding into all aspects of our lives.



Training our minds starts with the view—the way we see ourselves and the world. The view is learning to see ourselves and the world as already having qualities we’ve come to believe are missing.


Meditation is the bridge between the view and our direct experience (Application). When we meditate, we experience the view for ourselves. We learn to stay connected to awareness and to the inner calm that is always present.


Application brings this understanding and experience into daily life. We apply the insights learned during meditation to the ups and downs of daily life, to our relationships, our work and pursuits, and especially to the challenges and difficulties we face.

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Tergar training

Tergar Learning provides in-depth trainings and programs in awareness meditation. The most important principles are presented in an experiential manner that can be directly applied in our daily lives.

Tergar offers two subscription-based programs:

The Joy of Living – Looking to learn simple and easy-to-understand meditation skills you can apply to everyday life? With our Joy of Living program, you will begin to calm your mind and enjoying the benefits of meditation every day.

Vajrayana Online –  If the rich history and traditions of Tibetan Buddhism appeal to you, check out Vajrayana Online — a complete program that offers practical teachings on the full range of Buddhist thought and practice.

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Generosity Opens Our Hearts & Minds

Tergar Meditation Community supports individuals, practice groups, and meditation communities around the world who are learning to live with awareness, compassion, and wisdom. A large portion of our funding comes from the generosity of people like you.