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By Franka Cordua-von Specht • 1 1/2 min read

Path of Liberation 1 Online (Streamed Live from Kathmandu)

When George Hughes arrives at the Kathmandu airport, “It’s like coming home,” he shared. George, a seasoned traveler, has spent the last decade traveling to Nepal, leading treks, organizing Tergar events, and teaching at the Tergar Institute at Rinpoche’s Osel Ling Monastery.

“The approach and flying into Kathmandu along the edge of the Himalayas is spectacular,” Hughes said. This, along with Boudhanath, a Tibetan enclave in Kathmandu, are among his highlights.

At the heart of Boudhanath is a stupa, a large dome-shaped place of meditation. “At 5:30 in the morning, if you go and do kora (circumambulate) around the stupa, it is almost entirely Tibetans,” he shared. “Tibetans are selling Tibetan tea and bread, and folks are doing their morning practice. Then, by 8 a.m. or 9 a.m., that entire experience has changed. As those folks go off and do their livelihood, the tourists — who are still mainly devotees — start coming in and turning the prayer wheels but also shopping for malas and pashmina scarves and having coffee at the coffee shops. There are more monasteries there than I think I’ve seen in my entire life, simply in Boudhanath itself.”

He appreciates the integration of spiritual life into daily life in Nepal: everywhere, whether Hindu, Muslim, or Buddhist, people burn incense, light candles, and pray.

In navigating Nepal, Hughes advises travelers, especially the less experienced, to embrace the journey together, whether with a friend or by connecting with fellow travelers upon arrival. “Sharing the experience makes problem-solving easier and exploration more exciting and interesting,” he said.

He suggested including these three key items on the packing list: sensible walking shoes, a mask, and an open mind. The sights are beautiful and magical in Nepal, but sometimes unexpected surprises occur, such as when a monkey clambered its way into his Kathmandu house!

Osel Ling Monastery is where Mingyur Rinpoche’s teachings are held. The new monastery, which sits atop a hill overlooking Kathmandu Valley, is breathtakingly beautiful and awe-inspiring.

“One of the sweetest parts is the monastic community, which is so warm, welcoming, and inviting!” he shared. “Seeing their devotion to Mingyur Rinpoche and being able to join in when they have the pujas (ceremonies) — waking up smelling the incense and hearing the chanting, the drums, and the horns is quite magical.”

About the Author

Franka Cordua von-Specht is a communications advisor with Tergar International.

Join Mingyur Rinpoche in Kathmandu this year for an unforgettable experience.

with Mingyur Rinpoche

The essence of Tergar’s Path of Liberation is cultivating the recognition of nature of mind. During this in-person retreat, Mingyur Rinpoche will introduce us to the first and second pointing out instructions. Rinpoche will also bestow the White Tara empowerment, as White Tara is the principal deity of Tergar’s lineage.

with Mingyur Rinpoche

This retreat marks the completion of Tergar’s 2023/24 transmission on Tilopa’s Ganges Mahamudra. Rinpoche will continue to guide us through the seventh topic of the root text — the manner of practicing Mahamudra — and teach us how to continue to stabilize the recognition of the nature of our mind.

with Mingyur Rinpoche

For the first time, Mingyur Rinpoche will teach the cycle of Dorje Drolö — the wrathful manifestation of Guru Rinpoche. In the first year of this cycle, Rinpoche will give us the foundation for the full transmission, teaching us about the lineage of Dorje Drolö and the history and contents of the cycle, and in particular, offering instructions on the foundational practices of Dorje Drolö.

POL 1&2
Osel Ling Buddha Park
Tergar Osel Ling
dorje drolo

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