What World Will My Grandson Inherit?

By Julia Meyers • 2 min read

Joy of Living

When Bob Eng became a grandfather eight years ago, it sparked an urgent question: “What kind of world will my grandson inherit?” This question led Bob to delve into deep contemplation about the future. Long a social activist, he became more committed to being a responsible ancestor to future generations.

Bob is not a climate expert but has a diverse background in business and psychology, so he tried to combine his interest in social activism with his newfound role as a grandfather. Whenever he spends time with his grandchildren, Bob tries to see the world through their innocent eyes, often squatting down to their level. Bob told us, “In a way, I am looking into the future through their eyes.”

Then, three years ago, Bob found a path forward through meditation. He started studying with Tergar, and Mingyur Rinpoche’s approach immediately resonated with him. Mingyur Rinpoche’s relatable teaching style, accessible meditation techniques, and connection with scientific principles showed Bob how meditation could make a profound difference. “If there is science behind it showing benefits even at my advanced age, maybe I can get something out of it,” said Bob.

Bob completed all three Joy of Living levels within two years, and as he developed a dedicated daily practice, he noticed transformative changes within himself. He felt more creative and calm and wondered, “How can this translate into something more practical to mitigate the effects of climate change? And how can I help?” Bob started dreaming of creating a community of like-minded meditators who could explore this question together.

Bob Eng and his grandson

In December 2022, Bob initiated the “Climate Special Interest Group”—a weekly gathering where Tergar students explore the intersection of meditation and environmental action. This core question drives the group: How can our meditation practices and climate activism inform and empower each other? With each meeting, they aim to build upon Tergar’s strengths to support sustainability and demonstrate how caring for our planet can deepen our meditation practice.

This global group practices together weekly, drawing wisdom from Mingyur Rinpoche’s teachings and sharing innovative ideas. Bob is immensely heartened to see participants from all around the world actively engaging in this endeavor. It exemplifies the collective effort required to tackle global challenges to benefit all.

Bob hopes that one day, there won’t be a need for a separate climate interest group, but rather, climate consciousness will be seamlessly integrated into mainstream Tergar. He dreams of this integration spreading throughout society, inspiring a profound shift in how we perceive and care for our planet.

If you want to join this vibrant community of meditators and contribute to the discussion, please contact [email protected]. Bob’s journey shows how we can build a community and how meditation and Mingyur Rinpoche’s teachings can profoundly impact our lives.

About the Author

Julia Meyers is the Donor Relations Coordinator for Tergar International and an active volunteer with Tergar Madison.

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