“The root of suffering, the root of samsara, and the root of illusion and delusion is ignorance. How can we be free from this ignorance? Through wisdom. You will learn more and more about wisdom throughout this program. I am very happy that you are able to join. Welcome!”

Mingyur Rinpoche

Wisdom is 24/7


Why should I attend?

Do you sometimes find yourself stuck in habitual reactions and patterns? Do you feel trapped in old beliefs about yourself and the world around you?

In the new Joy of Living 3 online training, you will discover how to awaken your innate wisdom and see how these perceptions may not be aligned with how things actually are. The analytical meditation practices and tips for practice in daily life shared by Mingyur Rinpoche provide fresh perspectives that spark insight and understanding.

What will I learn?

The new Joy of Living 3 online training includes six courses, each of which is structured by the perspectives of view, meditation, and action. A new course is released every four weeks, but you can follow at whatever pace best suits your needs.

  • Develop new perspectives through analytical meditation
  • Let go of fixation and grasping
  • See deeply into old patterns and beliefs
  • Explore the views of relative and absolute reality

“Everything is a manifestation of wisdom — we just need to see the full picture.”

– Mingyur Rinpoche –

What is included in this program?

The new Joy of Living 3 online training includes a range of resources to support you in your practice:

  • Key instructions from Mingyur Rinpoche, supported by readings and quizzes, to deepen your understanding
  • Methods to apply these practices in your daily life
  • Guided meditation practices to bring theoretical understanding into your lived experience
  • Conversations with course guides in the forum and monthly webinars to answer questions and facilitate your learning

Program Curriculum

Course 1

Innate Wisdom

Discover how our conditioned perceptions and mental grasping often lead to suffering.

Learn more

Course 2

Multiplicity and Interdependence

Distinguish between healthy and unhealthy senses of self through the principles of multiplicity and interdependence.

Course 3

Impermanence and Transformation

Investigate permanence and impermanence; discover how to transform the five disturbing emotions into wisdom.

Course 4

The Self Beyond Self

Go beyond healthy and unhealthy senses of self and experience glimpses of emptiness in all aspects of experience.

Course 5

The Luminous Self

Explore the union of emptiness and phenomena; learn to recognize the emptiness of suffering and difficult emotions.

Course 6

Timeless Awareness

See the manifestations of emptiness through love and compassion; learn to meditate with stillness, movement, and awareness.

Course Excerpts

Mister and Miss Perfect

Expectations make everything more difficult! The more tightly we hold to how we think things should be, the less likely they are to work out.

Snake story

How does wisdom free us from suffering? Mingyur Rinpoche tells a story about a snake to show how seeing the true nature of things transforms our experience.

“The purpose of Joy of Living Level 3 is to go from the surface level of your sense of self and deeper and deeper into your true nature.”

– Mingyur Rinpoche –

Who can take this course?

Because Joy of Living 3 builds on the ideas and practices that are introduced in Joy of Living 1 and Joy of Living 2, participants are requested to have completed those Levels and the accompanying homework before beginning Level 3.

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About Mingyur Rinpoche

In his approach to teaching meditation, Mingyur Rinpoche integrates traditional Buddhist practice and philosophy with the current scientific understanding of the mind and mental health – making the practice of mediation relevant and accessible to students around the world.

Born in Nepal in 1975, Mingyur Rinpoche began to study meditation as a young boy with his father, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, himself a well-respected Buddhist teacher. He spent many years of his childhood in strict retreat and completed the traditional Buddhist training in philosophy and psychology. In addition to extensive training in the meditative and philosophical traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, Mingyur Rinpoche has also had a lifelong interest in Western science and psychology, which has led to many fruitful collaborations with neuroscientists and psychologists.

Mingyur Rinpoche is the author of the best-selling book The Joy of Living: Unlocking the Secret and Science of Happiness, as well as Joyful Wisdom: Embracing Change and Finding Freedom, Turning Confusion into Clarity: A Guide to the Foundation Practices of Tibetan Buddhism, and In Love with the World: A Monk’s Journey Through the Bardos of Living and Dying.